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Digital Egg Incubator Automatic Chicken Quail Chick Bird Hatcher 7//48/56/96/112

$35.62 $ 24.93
48 Eggs
56 Eggs
96 Eggs
112 Eggs
7 Eggs (no Automatic Turning)
SKU : 284807777002 Category : Bird Incubators

Introductions:This is a large capacity, intelligent incubator. It can accurately control the three most important factors in the process of hatching, namely temperature, humidity and turning eggs. It can hold 96 eggs and turn eggs automatically without manual operation. After setting the parameters, the temperature and humidity can be controlled at the required value of incubation. It has two floors, each of which can run independently when connected to the top cover, where the control center is located. After removing one layer, it becomes 48 incubators. This is its unique 2-in-1 structural design.Features:1. Large Capacity: It can hold 96 eggs in total, 48pcs each floor, two floors in total.2. 2 in 1: it has two floors, one of which can be removed and used.

Additional Information
Brand Unbranded
Model Egg Incubator