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Feliway Spray 60 ml Cat Feline Stress Behavior Relief Urine Spraying Scratching

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SKU : 202074570520 Category : Pheromone Sprays & Diffusers

Feliway mimics a natural comforting facial pheromone produced by cats. Does not affect humans or other pets. Ceva Feliway 60 ml Spray Cat Feline Stress Behavior Relief. Oil vapor carrying the pheromone will rise in a column of warm air above the Diffuser and prevent your kitty from urinating to mark its territory.

Additional Information
Brand Feliway
Expiration Date 07/2021
GTIN 0899484001173
MPN 281011E
Model 281011E
Type Spray
UPC 0899484001173
The store Product ID (ePID) 6032261972